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Who am I?

Hello World! I am Christopher Dean Webb, a self-taught Web Developer and Designer for 3 years based in Nottingham, England. My current work includes working for the NHS, developing projects for future use and implementation, as well as working on my own projects in my own time.

I am an avid learner and keen on understanding the ins and outs of how websites and platforms work; I have taken it upon myself to learn coding in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and other languages and frameworks, to design responsive websites.

I am experimenting with a wide array of tools, trying out new methods and programs including the Adobe Creative Suite to design beautiful products that are open and available to all. I am also playing with a variety of IDEs, as well as writers, and other programs for implementation and version control, to ensure I am working to as high a standard as possible.

This is a test-bed for these experiments, as well as a window into my skills as a developer.

A Bit of Background...

Growing up in a big, busy London, I have always had an interest in how things work, and how the art in them is expressed. I grew up with a pencil in hand, and spent most of my time drawing and playing video games. I see the world through a creative but functional scope, looking at how all the parts come together in a beautiful way.

I pushed this to the greatest extent I could, working to earn a 2nd class degree in Architecture at the University of Brighton, a testament I am proud of. However, the approach I took in those years gave me the experience and wisdom to know I wished to push my skills in a new direction.

After a few years of exploring the possibilities, I have found a home in web design and development. Learning new skills when I can and applying these in new forms is what I am trying to do in this little sandbox I have made on the web, and hope to expand and make wonderful things.

Whenever I can, I will be exploring the possibilities of web development and design, but when I am not I can be found in a gym, playing video games or learning new things I find an interest in!

Skills I have picked up along the way...

  • ●Languages & Frameworks - HTML5 / CSS3 / SCSS / Javascript / jQuery / Bootstrap 4 / SQL / mySQL
  • ●Coding Environments - Atom Text Editor / Notepad++ / Virtual Studio
  • ●Operating Systems - Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (Great Experience - 10+ years) / Ubuntu 16.04 (Some Experience - 1 year)
  • ●Office Suites - Microsoft Office (Word / Excel / Publisher) / Google Drive (Docs / Sheets)
  • ●Creative Software - Adobe Suite (Photoshop / Illustrator / InDesign) / Inkscape / GIMP
  • ●Other Skills - Drawing / Organisation / Time Management / Administrative Experience / Version Control (Git / GitHub)

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